Monday, May 2, 2011

I-City snow walk!

Hey peeps!
Just back from I-city and now its time to update my blog.
I wish to go I-city long long time ago but then no one fetch me there.But now,I got a chance!
My brother and I.The first time he wore so formal =P
The car entrance ticket.Don't think there is RM 5 per car,its actually RM 10 for Fri,Sat,Sun and public holiday as well.
We reach there around 630pm.Then the adults went to buy the entrance tickets.The entrance fee for adult is RM 25 and for children or old citizen will be RM 20.
I like jump shot!
I like this!=)
This jump shot were captured before we enter.Since there is still too early,lights are not on yet,we decided to go to a restaurant to have our dinner.The dinner was suck!LOL.
After our dinner,it is 8 o'clock.Its time to enter snow walk!
Before enter the snow walk,I still manage to capture some image of those lights tree although is raining.

Okay,time to enter the snow walk.
My brother and I with the polar bear.Still not cold yet when we was in this section.
From left:Me,mom,bro and aunt.
He is playing the snow slide.I can't play because I am holding my camera. =(
This section was so cold and we almost freeze in this section.
The snow.
Can't manage to capture lots of image because my hand was freeze.I can't control my hand.
After the snow walk,we went to the wildlife show.
Again,we need to pay.Adult RM 5 and for student is RM 3.I forgot to bring my student card but luckily I got my popular student card.
I m holding the iguana and my cousin was holding the snake.
OMGeee!Finally I dare to hold it.You know,when it take breath and I can feel its lung is going in and out and its skin is quite soft and smooth.LOL.
After we take photo with snake and iguana,we continue to walk further and here comes a horrible scene.There is a snake eating a chicken and we look at it how it gonna eat a fat chicken into it stomach.It takes quite a long time to finish a chicken and I have no more patient to wait it eat finish.Then I belah to aside and see others wild animal.There is some weird snake in the show.
This is the species name.Tiger bla bla bla.
Pity the rat because it gonna be eaten by the green snake =S
I don't know whats the name of this snake but it look weird with two horn on its head. =X

Raining,but I am trying to capture more nice photos.If there is no rain,I think the photos will be more. =P
Hope to go one more time but not in rainy day.Bye and good night! :)

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